Double Sheet Sets

Double Sheet Sets

Buy Double Bed Sheets from Mattress Offers

Your room is well furnished with an elegant bed and all furniture but ever noticed which thing requires your extra attention? Yes, the sheet Set on the bed is all you want! The beautiful colour of Double Bed Sheets with mesmerizing printings make your bed as well as room more lively and stunning. These soft Double Bed  Sheets increase your rest's pleasure, which is only available here at our site. 


  • Our linens are the ultimate combination of craft and elegance, created to provide you with a unique and refined sleeping experience. Thread Count: 400 Bamboo is made up of 65 percent, and Egyptian cotton is made up of 35 percent. Our sheet sets are soft to the touch, cool, and have outstanding strength you can depend on, ensuring a good night's sleep.
  • Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources in the world because it preserves more trees, regenerates naturally without pesticides or chemicals, and is one of the most sustainable resources on the earth. It strengthens our land and purifies our air. Soft sateen feels made from actual bamboo and cotton. As a result, it will be acceptable for both newborns and toddlers, as well as adults with respiratory or skin allergies.
  • Genuine bamboo and cotton, silky satin texture
  • Fully equipped with a 40cm deep wall (suits both summer and winter) (Mattress with a Pillow Top)
  • Pillowcases are cuffed, and the flat Double sheets has a knitted finish.
  • Bacteria can't survive in bamboo cloth. Therefore it's antibacterial.

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