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Bed Frames at Mattress Offers : A Solid and Stylish Base For Your Sleep

We carry an extensive range of bed frames here at Mattress Offers. No matter if you’re looking for a metal bed on a budget or a solid wooden one, Mattress Offers has what you’re looking for. Over one hundred different frames and bed bases are available, all at an affordable price. Make your dream bedroom a soft, comfy, and stylish one with a customised sleeping solution.

What is the best bed size for my bedroom?

It depends on the size of your bedroom and what size bed you need. Furthermore, you may choose it depending on how much space you need for comfort. At Mattress Offers, you have the option to choose from five different sizes.

With a king size bed, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out. Additionally, a queen bed is spacious enough for a similar sleeping solution. However, double beds might not provide the additional comfort that two people need. A king-sized single bed is most suitable for a single person. Single beds are also a great option for children and teens.

What extra space should I have around my bed to sleep comfortably?

There must also be sufficient space around a bed so that the bed can be laid out properly,  wardrobes  can be accessed, and bedside tables and dressing tables can be located if they’re needed. Therefore, you can choose the right bed for the bedroom according to your needs.

Various styles of bed frames at Mattress Offers

There are more factors to consider than you might think when purchasing a bed! The bed frame styles and designs available at Mattress Offers can suit every taste and requirement. Here, you will find a variety of styles, fabrics, and features of different types of beds.

Storage bed frames

You can shop for storage bed frames at Mattress Offers in two different types. You can choose from bed frames with drawers or with gas lift storage solutions. As a rule, gas lift beds are more spacious than those with drawers. Gas lifts are also simple to use, and their under-bed storage compartments are easier to clean, as they are located under the bed. Meanwhile, drawer bed frames offer a practical solution for bedrooms for children and for individual sleeping arrangements. 

PU leather beds

The PU leather frames we offer are perfect for providing a luxurious look to your bedroom. Almost any contemporary bedroom style would look great with these bed frames. Several colours and styles are available in these beds, and they come with large headboards.

Fabric Bed Frames

A lot of people prefer linen fabric beds since they provide comfort and are easy to clean. There are over a dozen styles and colours to choose from and they are made from superior fabrics. Similar to PU leather beds, such frames are available with or without storage options. 

Wooden beds

Functionality, strength, and durability. These are qualities that define our wooden frames. With their solid construction and timeless appeal, wooden one’s make for a great addition to any bedroom. Many different types of styles and designs are available, so you can choose from a wide range of choices. Our bed frame is made from wood slats that are sturdy and designed to last for years. Consequently, our frames are of the highest quality.

How to style up a bed?

You should consider the colour and texture of the bedding essentials and home décor in order to make the bed a focal point. Over a quilt cover set, you can put  pillows  , cushions , and a rug for more comfort and style.

Mattress Offers has been a leading online retailer of furniture and Mattresses  in Australia for many years now. With our Buy Now Pay Later plans, we simplify things for you with affordable prices. We offer beds that you can buy today and pay for them later in small amounts with the plan you choose from several pay later plans. So what’s stopping you from ordering your dream bed? Get in touch with us for any help!