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 Sofas - Sofa bed

Sofas - Sofa bed

 Sofas - Sofa bed
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Sofas and Sofa Beds at Mattress Offer: Discover Luxury At Its Best

Sofas are what you need as primary living room furniture. Having a sofa is a great way to unwind after a busy day. This is where you can sit back and catch up on your favourite TV shows. At Mattress Offers, we carry a massive range of sofas and sofa bed to suit your style budget and requirements. Explore our collection and find some information about purchasing the best couch for your requirements.  

What are the different sizes available on Sofa?

Mattress Offers offers a wide range of sofa sizes that will fit any room, any space, no matter how big or small your space is. But mostly, you can find below sizes of sofas here. 

You can choose the right sofa size for your living room based on its size and the style you want to convey. You can fit a two- or three-seater sofa into a small living room. Whereas 4 and 5-6 seater sofas are ideal for apartments and medium living rooms. While sofas like 7-9 seaters and 10-11 seaters can benefit large living rooms. 

What are the different styles of Sofa available at Mattress Offers?

At Mattress Offers we have a great choice of sofas for you to browse through. Our range of sofas includes sofa beds, recliners, corner sofas and L-shaped sofas. The sofa sets can be chosen in different styles from traditional to contemporary. We also carry a range of modular sofas which could work well in smaller rooms if space is limited. 

All our sofas are available in a range of different fabrics and leathers, including leather effect material, microfiber and faux suede.

Modular sofas

The modular sofa is made of a series of modules that can be moved around. There are various types of modules, such as armrests and chaises, allowing you to design a sofa according to your preferences.

Based on space availability, there are many variations to choose from. 

Recliner Sofas

A recliner sofa is a type of furniture that has the added benefit of being able to recline back and be leaned back at an angle. This is considered the best position for relaxing, sleeping or watching TV. Recliner sofas are available in a range of sizes so you can choose the best size as per your requirements.  

Sofa beds

Sofa beds are our best-selling sofa. A sofa bed is a very versatile type of furniture. You can use it in different ways depending on your needs. While storing it during the day, it can function as a sofa and a bed for two people to sleep on at night.  Sofa beds are particularly useful if you have limited storage space, and offer a more convenient sleeping arrangement. 

Corner Sofas

A corner sofa is a collection of one or more sofas with a total of 2 or more ‘L-bends’ on one side. The formation of this piece of furniture is designed to fit in a corner, giving you space-saving and it will be less worrying for moving. 2 L-bends are mostly used for the corner sofa’s construction.

Which Sofa is Better: Leather or Fabric?

In terms of durability, the durability of leather means that it will last on average at least five years longer than fabric. Unlike fabric sofas, leather sofas can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

But when it comes to comfort, a fabric sofa is more comfy than leather. In a car, leather seats can get very hot when it’s sunny outside. The same is true for leather couches. In addition to absorbing heat more quickly, leather tends to stick to your skin. Furthermore, it can also be uncomfortable when it is cold.

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With Mattress Offers, you’ll find great value on sofas and sofa beds. You can shop luxury pieces at the most affordable prices around. We deliver Australia-wide and make sure that it gets to you quickly and at your door. You can shop our sofa and sofa beds with exciting buy now pay later plans that offer interest-free instalments. Order your sofa today, choose the right payment plan and pay later as per your ease.