TV Entertainment Unit


What is a TV Entertainment Unit? 

An entertainment unit is also called a TV stand, a TV cabinet, or a console. Your TV stands on top of it or beneath it if it is mounted on the wall, so it is an essential piece of furniture in your living room.  The wall-mounted TV is becoming more popular, but TV units still make up a significant part of living room furniture. It can also be spruced up using some essential and chic living room decors. 

How do I choose a TV unit or a cabinet?

If you are choosing between a high or a low unit, you should take into account your TV size, furniture placement in your room as well as how high you want your TV to be. To select it based on its appearance, you should keep two key points in mind. Your tastes and preferences determine the theme and décor of your room, followed by your choice of furniture. The types of TV units can be broadly divided into two categories: floor-standing and wall-mounted TV stands.

What are the different types of Tv units available?

At Mattress Offers, you can explore a wide variety of tv cabinets and units in various sizes, finishes and styles. You can choose the one according to your personal preferences. Here is an overview of our range of tv entertainment units. 

Chipboard Units

Chipboard tv units are one of the most popular due to the range of styles and finishes available. These are durable and add a touch of classic elegance to your living space. Available in wall-mount and free-standing styles, you can choose the right chipboard TV unit to suit your preferences. There is a growing trend for wall-mounted TV units, which are aesthetically pleasing and practical. Wall-mounted tv cabinets come in numerous sizes and styles and are available in different pieces. There are storage options such as drawers, shelves, and countertops.

LED TV Units

Mattress Offers' top sellers are LED TV units. It is equipped with built-in RGB LED lighting that you can customise into 16 different colours, as well as four different flashing modes. It is not only a stunning piece of decor, but it will be a showstopper for all of your guests as well. Furthermore, you can choose a unit that is either free-standing or mounted on the wall. Popular finishes include high gloss black, glossy white, concrete grey, oak and the combination of glossy white and oak. There are different sizes, styles and storage options available as well; choose the best unit as per your preference. 

Glass TV Cabinets

There is nothing simpler than a glass TV unit. Glass TV units are similar to low-level tables. If you want to give your living space a minimal look and want to start with a tv unit, a glass TV unit is a good choice. Available in black and white finishes, you can select the style that suits you best. 

Wood TV Units

Turn your house into a cosy home with our wood entertainment units from our selection. We offer units in various sizes and styles to suit your living room décor. Wood television units are a great way to create a classic and modern look in your living room. Available in various wood finishes and designs, choose the right unit for you.

What do you put on a TV Cabinet to add elegance to your living room?

There is more to TV units than just serving a purpose. A TV stand serves as the centre of attention for your living room and should reflect your interior design style. It reflects your sense of luxury and sophistication. Here is a suggestion to make it look elegant. Keep things simple.  Tall ornaments add height and capture the eye - whether they're vases, candles or ginger jars. So add tall decors. You can also add one large and one small item to both sides of your TV entertainment unit for a stylish, contemporary look depending on your design preferences. Complementary items in pairs look equally elegant on either side. 

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