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Queen Quilt
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Warm and Cozy Queen Bed Quilts and Duvets On Sale

Everyone wants a good night's sleep after a long working day. The right comforter makes sleeping more comfortable and relaxing. The decorative tone of a bedroom can be enhanced with our elegant Queen bed quilt. No matter what kind of bedding you choose, you need to ensure it fits your queen mattress properly, whether it's a down comforter or a duvet cover. These queen size quilts provide luxury warmth with their finely constructed design. With goose feathers and down-filled with multiple gsm options, our quilts are suitable for cool to winter weather and are available in a queen size. In addition to preventing shifting, the baffle construction helps retain heat by expanding the down. You'll love this featherweight quilt because it's designed to provide comfort. Check on our queen quilt cover as well to protect your quilt and increase its life.

Why Should You Choose Queen Size Quilt From Mattress Offers?

There is something about our quilts that sets them apart from other quilts in the market. Our quilts are made from high-quality materials and are made to last longer.  With this antibacterial and hypoallergenic quilt, you can experience comfort without triggering your allergies. In addition to being versatile, it also maintains a high level of loft and fullness because of its lightweight design. 

Below are some types of quilts available at Mattress Offers

  • Microfibre quilts
  • Polyester quilts
  • Goose feather and goose down quilts
  • Duck feather and duck down quilts
  • Silk and microfibre quilts

Various quilts are available based on Different GSMs.

  • 200GSM duvets
  • 260GSM duvets
  • 400GSM duvets
  • 500GSM duvets
  • 700GSM duvets
  • 800GSM duvets
Some of our quilts are machine washable, while others should be hand washed and dry cleaned. There are care instructions for each quilt so make sure you follow them before cleaning them. 

Shop Queen Size Quilts with Exciting Offers and Buy Now Pay Later

The cost of shopping at malls and markets can be high, and you might end up spending all your savings on things that you don't even need. You don't need to worry any longer since Mattress Offers is offering low prices on high-quality quilts and mattresses. As well as that, we deliver straight to your door and we do it fast. We also offer various buy now pay later options, so you can shop your quilt today and pay for it later in instalments at your convenience.