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 Inflatable Mattress
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Highly-comfortable Inflatable Mattresses on Sale: Mattress Offers

An inflatable mattress, also known as an air bed, is a great sleeping solution for guests overnight, camping or travelling. At Mattress Offers, we offer various styles and types of inflatable mattresses that can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are a few things to consider before you purchase an air mattress.

Are Inflatable Mattresses Comfortable? 

Inflatable mattresses are great for sleeping, but they are not as comfortable as regular mattress. Quality also matters when it comes to purchasing the right air mattress. You may also experience a better quality of sleep if you get a good air bed.

Especially if you travel a lot or go camping more often, there is no other option for you but to bring an air mattress. So when you’re outside, these inflatable mattresses are a great sleeping solution and are comfortable as well. 

Can you Put an Air Mattress on a Frame?

A portable air mattress can be used as an alternative sleeping arrangement. But such a mattress cannot be used with a standard bed frame. Some air mattresses are thick enough to serve as air beds by themselves, so you do not need to use them on a bed frame. 

If your air mattress is low to the ground, you may want to consider placing a box spring or piece of plywood underneath it to raise it. 

What are Some Great Types of Inflatable Mattresses? 

There are dozens of different types of air mattresses available online. But the right inflatable bed is the one that provides you with a good night’s sleep. At Mattress Offers, you can browse through various styles of air beds in different sizes and colours. 

Particularly, our Bestway inflatable beds are most popular, owing to their sturdy construction and cosy flocked sleeping surface. They feature a solid coil beam construction and are durable for up to many years. They inflate super quickly, within just five minutes. And they deflate even faster. Bestway air mattresses also come with a pillow built into them for additional comfort. These are versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. With its convenient portability, easy storage and easy set-up, the air mattress provides the best combination of affordability, comfort and practicality.

There are also a variety of different types of self-inflating satin mattresses available in a variety of styles and sizes and colours. They’re preferred for camping, hiking and other travelling purposes. You can choose the best mat as per your choice.  

Inflatable mattresses: How are they useful? 

A key feature of an air mattress is its portability. You can inflate them and deflate them as needed to move from one place to another. There are several reasons why should you get an inflatable mattress

  • Easy and affordable sleeping solution (you don’t even need a bed)
  • Excellent spare bed for small bedroom apartments
  • Easy to carry on camping, hiking, and adventure trips
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors

Inflatable Mats at the Best Prices Online in Australia: Mattress Offers

Quality matters when it comes to choosing the right mattress for your usage. Air mats are more often used in outdoor environments than indoors. At our mattress store, you will get mats designed with sturdy quality materials that provide you with total comfort. So rest assured about that. Furthermore, our low prices and discounts set us apart from the competition. 

You can also buy an air mat today and pay for it later depending on your convenience. We bring you several buy now pay later plans to make it easier for you. So if the payday is still far away, do not fret. Order your mat now, choose from our payment options and pay later in instalments, interest-free.