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 Stair Mats
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Uncarpeted stair certainly don’t seem good even if they are simple to clean —but difficult materials can too be truly dangerous and inclined to scratching. Stair treads go right within the center of each step to play down smoothness and wear and tear, and numerous can be set outside to diminish slippage outside your place. They’re more than just functional,  sometimes stair mats can act as a warrior against many injuries and germs that you might carry home with you .

Like many carpets and doormats, you’ll be able to discover stylishly satisfying choices in almost any fabric, color, design, and style because Mattress offers an assortment of stair mats to fit you just right.

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  • Mattress offers  stair mats inlet  covers defects in existing stairway
  • Excellent, unfinished, hardwood ruddy oak 
  • Our stair mats  are hand coordinated 

They’re made from a solid non-woven fabric that’s safe to dampness, and they come with a self-adhesive backing. Final but not slightest, in spite of their lower cost tag, they can be washed up to 20 times some time recently influencing the quality. 

Get them in gray or dark. They are available in many prints and colors to match your house theme. They are also extremely pet and kid friendly- so you don’t have to worry about your little one tripping on the stairs.